Monday, April 14, 2008


I have never understood the obsession with guns held by the American National Rifle Association (NRA). I read this somewhere on a Usenet newsgroup: 'I didn't much like the part in Michael Moore's movie where he doggedly pursued a confused and daft Charlton Heston. one of the most public faces of the NRA. It was clear the man was no longer in his prime, and that Moore was picking on someone with a clear handicap. However, when Heston was vibrant and sane, I found his views on morality and gun control to be either hateful or ignorant or both.' I can go along with that.

One of the most responded-to articles on the John Mark Ministries' website is 'Oxymoron of the month: Sporting Shooters' which concluded: 'Shooters are not sportsmen, they're vandals.' See this response, for example.